Why invest in anything less?
Buy wise, buy once!

Combine exercise, hydrotherapy and relaxation, and you will be enjoying all the benefits of a conventional swimming pool at a fraction of the cost.

Why Swim Spa?

Swimming, water jogging or aqua aerobics are all great ways to improve your well-being and fitness. Our stunning range of Swim Spas are simple to install and great for year-round, family fun.

For Fitness

Whether young or old, pregnant or injured it’s ideal because it’s non-weight bearing and as low impact as you will find. For Cardio-muscular exercise there’s nothing that beats swimming!

For the Family

TidalFit Exercise Pools are ideal for families looking for an alternative to a standard backyard pool that is much easier to maintain. Not to mention many of the same features as a full-sized pool!


Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer

The Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer features a SWIM SYSTEM containing true variable speed pumps. This allows the swimmer a variety of swim options by varying swim resistance, simply by pushing a button on the TOUCH SCREEN LCD PANEL. The system allows you to save up to ten different 30-minute swim programs – that’s 5 hours of swimming exercises!