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Sauna and Steam Center (a division of Florida Hot Tub & Sauna Center, Inc.) has been providing custom design sauna solutions for builders, contractors, and homeowners since 2004. Our unique understanding of our clients needs translated into a spectacular end product is our specialty.


Whatever your taste, budget or space challenges, there is an Infrared Sauna for you. Regardless of layout, model, or price, The Sauna Steam Center (SSC) Portable saunas and Sauna Kits have a modern aesthetic look to enhance your home and experience. Your Sauna Kit can be shipped, picked up, delivered or set up for you. You can see the many different models and choices by visiting our showroom.


As the name implies, The Designer Series is a range of high-quality sauna room styles modeled along the clean, simple yet elegant lines found in the best examples. of Scandinavian design. Even better, they are available as pre-fabricated panel kits, making them available for use after just a few hours of assembly.


This wonderful Infrared sauna combination room provides pleasure beyond what a traditional or infrared sauna can do individually. Saunatec’s CarbonFlex far-infrared heating system can be incorporated into virtually any sauna room design.


Portability, exceptional quality, and easy installation make these a sauna lover’s dream. What a great complement to a pool or hot tub with three distinctive options to choose from, you can transform your outdoor space.


Finnleo fashioned their saunas to ensure an amazing experience for its users. The heaters are designed in a manner that guarantees both safety and pleasure. Finnleo’s heaters are structured to produce heat swiftly, conserve energy, and look great in any sauna. Pick the heater that is right for the room size.