Standard Features

  • Lifetime structure
  • 3-Year Surface
  • 3-Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing & Electrical
  • 1-Year Cabinet

Quality Craftsmanship
South Seas Spas are built from the ground up to the highest standards. We start building our frames using only pressure-treated lumber on top of a full ABS base. This solid foundation is covered with our beautiful, durable cabinets.

4 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover
The foam cores of our ASTM Deluxe Cover are virgin, polystyrene foam that tapers from 4″ to 2.5″ to allow water to run off. Each foam piece is then grooved and fitted with a galvanized steel channel for support along the hinge. Each foam core is then sealed with a 4 mil polyethylene sheeting to help prevent water absorption. The deluxe cover is built to withstand the effects of sun and weather, saving energy with lower total cost of ownership.
ArcticPac Insulation System with ABS Bottom
This double-layered insulation system features a reflective sheet of bubble-foil lining the inside of the cabinet, combined with a coat of Icynene™ foam that adheres to the spa’s shell and hose connectors. The ArcticPac Insulation retains heat, keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature.
Ozone Ready
South Seas Spas are Ozone Ready, with the necessary technology to implement the Ozonator optional feature. The Ozonator provides additional water treatment and requires fewer harsh chemicals to be added to the spa’s water and purifies water faster than chlorine.
Maintenance-Free Kingwood Cabinet
Beautiful, long-lasting Kingwood adds years of maintenance-free life to your spa. Maintenance-free cabinetry will not rot, rust, warp, deteriorate or require replacement. Panels are made of a durable, synthetic material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, humidity, rain, sleet, and heat. This all-weather durable, fade-resistant and stain resistant Kingwood cabinet requires no painting or staining. Easily clean these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.
Stainless Steel Jets
Treat yourself to the ultimate massage with these revolutionary jets. This innovative design features powerful jets that relieve tightness and relax muscles, melting away tension and pain in a matter of minutes.
50 sq. ft. Filter
Filtration removes contaminants such as dirt, metals and oil as water passes through a microporus membrane. Larger particles are trapped in the upper layer and smaller particles, in the 1-5 micron size, are trapped in the lower part of the composite. The pleated filter has exceptional dirt-holding capacity and low pressure drop. It retains its shape and is excellent for water filtration. The polyester construction resists most chemicals.
12 V Spa Light
South Seas Spas Standard models come with a 12 V Spa Light, illuminating the water with a pleasant light. Not available on Deluxe models.
Plug and Play GFCI Cord
Some models of South Seas Spas (617C, 519P, 521L only) come standard with a GFCI cord, letting you power the spa with any standard wall outlet.
Deluxe Model DynaStar and Pillowfall LED Lighting
The beautiful LED lighting system illuminates the texture and detail of the spa’s interior. This LED light system can be set on one favorite color, or the colors can slowly fade from one to the other, creating a truly spectacular light show. With the standard LED lighting systems on Deluxe models, the Pillowfall is infused with LED light.

Optional Features

Stereo System

With your own South Seas Spa in your backyard, total escape is within reach every day. A stereo system is a perfect addition to complete your luxurious retreat. Not available on the 617C, 627C, 627M, 519P, 521L, 533DL or 532L.

1) Bluetooth® Music Experience
Bluetooth® Receiver, AM/FM, USB, Aux-in, (4) Speakers, Subwoofer

2) Aux Input Media Locker
3.5mm input for MP3 devices, (4) Speakers, Subwoofer
Optional (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers
LED Lighting
Upgrade the lighting in your South Seas Spa with the Multicolor 10 LED system or DynaStar LED systems.
1) Multicolor 10 LED (Standard Model Only)
2) DynaStar LED: (1) 3.5 in., (3) 2 in. LED Lights,
Top Rail Lighting (DynaStar Required – Not Available on 617C, 627C, 627M, 519P, 726D, 743D)
Pillowfalls provide a constantly available source of visual and auditory tranquility. Water pours from the spa pillow, creating a soothing waterfall with all its tranquil effects. Simply enjoy the serene sound of the falling water or nestle under and feel the warm water sweep down your neck and back. Plus, with the standard LED lighting systems on Deluxe models, the Pillowfall is infused with LED light. Not available for the 519P.
FROG® @ease™ In-Line System

The combination of Fresh Mineral Water™ with SmartChlor™ Technology provides cleaner, clearer and softer spa water that’s far easier to take care of.
• Only Shock ONCE a Month
• SELF REGULATES for continuous clear water
• Easy on hot tub surface with LESS ODORS
• CLEANER because it kills bacteria 2 ways
• Minerals condition the water for a SOFTER feel

The Ozonator provides additional water treatment and requires fewer harsh chemicals to be added to the spa’s water and purifies water faster than chlorine. In the quantities needed for water purification, it has a mild odor and no color. It is not irritating to humans or equipment. Ozone purifies water and air very quickly and efficiently, 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone leaves no by-products except oxygen.
AOP™ Water Purification
HOW IT WORKS: Filtered water is cycled through the pump and enters the AOP unit through the injector, drawing ozone and hydroxyls from the chamber. The static mixer combines water, ozone and hydroxyls. Air enters unit where the UV bulb* converts it to ozone and hydroxyls. Water irradiated by Germicidal UVC converts ozone to hydroxyl radicals through Advanced Oxidation Processing. Contaminants are destroyed by intense germicidal UVC, ozone, and hydroxyl radicals. Water exits the unit and flows into the spa resulting in clean and Purified spa water. * 20,000 hour rated
Full Foam Energy Efficient Package
The optional full-foam insulation offered in South Seas Spas provides the most efficient heat retention available in any spa on the market. It dramatically increases the strength and life of the spa’s shell. The Icynene brand of full foam secures plumbing to the shell for longer plumbing life and conforms to all curves and spaces to provide a seamless air barrier. Increasing the durability of the structure, the foam provides consistent R-value to the spa. Icynene foam does not absorb water or allow mass transfer that may cause mold. It does allow moisture present in the structure to escape in the form of water vapor enabling complete drying. Required for Spas in the States of CA & CT.